Author Questionnaire: Jonathan Chesser

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a writer?

  • I was in the 4th I had just turned ten and one of my school portfolio pieces had been entered in a state-wide elementary writing competition. It was the first time that I realized I really enjoyed writing, and I have continued doing it into the present day. While I have written all sorts of things through the years, I am primarily a freelance screenwriter and songwriter currently.


Who are your favorite authors? (Please limit your answer to five or ten.)

  • Ian Fleming, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Patterson, Timothy Zahn, and Max Allan Collins as far as literary authors go. I would even throw Stan Lee into the mix, as the writing he did in Marvel Comics greatly influenced the stories I write today. As far as musically, The Beatles, Brian Wilson, the Rolling Stones, and the Bee Gees have greatly influenced me.


What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

My faith, my family, my friends, places I’ve visited, and my own life in general. In everything I write, there are major autobiographical elements that help me tap into the overall theme, giving it something I can connect to personally and realistically.


What genre(s) do you write?

  • Crime/Thriller, Science-Fiction, espionage, and mystery are all genres that I’ve written in more recent years as far as films go. Musically, I have written a variety of genres including jazz, blues, fusion, psychedelic, and baroque pop.


Do you have any current or future projects?

  • I am currently writing a comic-book inspired film that will be released later this year by Cam Miller Films, an independent film studio in the greater Cincinnati area. I am also releasing my first album of original material this coming fall.


Where can people find your work?  (to purchase or just to read)

  • I can be found on YouTube under the channel: jchessermusic. I am also on Instagram, where I post regular updates regarding upcoming and ongoing projects: drummerboyjac


If you could just feature one title, what would it be? 

  • My upcoming song “Peppermint Eyes.”


Do you have any pseudonyms?

  • I record music under the name, The Astroblemes. We can be found at REVERBNATION and will be posting music very soon.

Do you have any other hobbies besides writing?

  • Besides my music, I also substitute teach at my local school district. It’s been an amazing opportunity, and being able to give back to the very school district where I attended has been very fulfilling and a lot of fun.


Tell us something interesting about yourself.

  • I am a very big Star Wars fan, and have partaken in two independent fan-made short films that have been submitted to Lucasfilm via their Fan Film Awards. That has led to great opportunities and I will be helping create a third entry this spring.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

  • I would just like to encourage everyone to support their local authors! Every famous author once started out as a local author, and all local authors deserve our support so that they can follow their dreams!




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