Author Questionnaire: C.C. Thomas

  1. How old was I when I knew…. I remember being quite young and reading and writing. I never really knew anything else. I didn’t really know that other kids weren’t doing these things. My grandmother was an English teacher and weekends with her were always spent in fantasy and play, reading and writing. Writing has always been a hobby for me. I decided though, about 3 years ago, to try my hand at it full-time. It’s been the best decision I’ve every made. I am happier than I’ve ever been and my life quality index has skyrocketed.

    2. Favorite authors……There are a few author who I will read regardless of what they’ve written. I’d read them even if they wrote a auto manual–they’re just that good. Kate DiCamillo, Jan Karon, Bill Bryson, Agatha Christie….I could go on and on but these are masters of their art.

    3. Sources of inspiration…I won’t say all my friends and family, although that’s probably true. I discovered when I became a full-time paid writer that inspiration waits for no man. So, for me, a good cup of tea and I’m off.

    4. Genres….I’ve tried my hand at many. My favorites to write are nonfiction of whatever topic is thrilling me at the moment. (Right now it’s western pioneer feminists) and poetry.

    5. Current or future projects….My “To Write” pile is almost as big as my “To Read” pile! I am working on a series of calendars I’m quite delighted with, just for fun. My next book project is “Wild and Wooly Women of the West” about those western pioneer feminists. 🙂

    6. Author website…yes, and it’s a disaster. I really need to update it but I’ve been too busy!

    7. Blogs…yes, and they are also both disasters. All this is on my 2017 resolution list! www.iknowfuntravel.blogspot.comand

    8. Purchase….I do have links on my website, but all my books are on Amazon. If you don’t catch me at some author event, those are the places to get my stuff.

    9. A title to feature….Lost Stories of the Earth: The Unusual, Wicked, and Just Plain Wacky Histories of Caves in the U.S. I so love a good yarn and this book is a collection of some very interesting stories. It’s my favorite book I’ve written….so far!

    10. Pen names…CC is actually a pen name. My real name is Carla Crawford. I was told by another female author that my work would sell better and faster if people thought I was a guy, so I initialed my name. Sadly, she was right. When I have submitted the same work under both names, the CC copy gets picked.

    11. Interesting…I was in a jet ski accident about two years ago. Someone on a jet ski ran over me while I was on vacation (first day there, no less). When I woke up, I was being stat-flighted to a hospital and had multiple shattered and broken bones, internal injuries, and a head injury. It has taken me awhile to get back to doing what I love. I am a bit slower than I used to be, but am so thankful for every breath, every day.

    12. To share…I am currently working on a literacy project for schools in West Africa, writing lessons for students and young adults who have never been to school because of Ebola disease and war in their countries. I am currently putting together a GoFund me page and am hoping to visit those schools so I can work more closely and effectively on bringing the joy and power of reading to others.


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