Author Questionnaire: Cate McKoy

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a writer?
*I was in the 4th grade. My school had this little paper called the Weekly Reader. One week there was a story written by a 4th grader. I loved it. And was hooked on writing.

Who are your favorite authors? (Please limit your answer to five or ten.)
*Sandra Brown, Stephen King, Shannon McKenna, Lauren Dane, James Patterson, Penny Jordan, Dean Koontz, John Saul

What are your greatest sources of inspiration?
*I draw a lot from my childhood, my experiences in foster care. The police and social workers in my life back then and also my mom from when I was returned to her at age 10. And later, my kids. They’re a constant source of inspiration and information.

What genre(s) do you write?
*I tend to straddle genres. Although my overall genre falls under Romance, I like the way a couple of my reviewers phrased it: “…excellent blend of suspense, romance and drama.” and “…one of the best romance, suspense, thriller I have read in a very long time.”
My books can fall under; romance, mystery, suspense, erotica, and thriller.

Do you have any current or future projects?

*Currently I’m working on my spinoff to my trilogy. It’s due to be released in Feb. In 2014 I entered a new writers’ group. Which is screenwriter. I’ve authored 3 screenplays. And 1 spec script. A Criminal Minds episode, which made it to the quarter finals of the Stage 32 TV writing contest. My horror movie made it to the final round of the 2014 Horror Contest with Cherub Films. After the release of my spinoff, I plan on making my screenplays into full length novels and my trilogy into a screenplay. I also want to work on getting my trilogy on audio.

Do you have an author website?
Cate McCoy
Do you have any blogs?
*No blog yet

Where can people find your work? (to purchase or just to read)

Barnes & Noble


I’ve seen books 1, 2, on eBay stores and overseas.

If you could just feature one title, what would it be?
*The one that started it all. Book 1 of The Dark Series Trilogy- Guarding Light.

Do you have any pseudonyms?

*Not exactly my full name is Catherine Mckoy. I write under Cate Mckoy.

Do you have any other hobbies besides writing?
*I LOVE to read (of course) and I like card games, all kinds, I’m a horror movie buff. I love music, all kinds.
Tell us something interesting about yourself.
*I’m the youngest of 6. I have 4 sisters 1 brother. I’ve been mistaken for all my sisters at one time or another. I’m the mother of 5. I was a technical analyst, tech support before I decided to publish.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I like fb and ig but not really into Twitter although I have an account.


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