Author Interview: Ruby Caine

*For this interview, I’m going to do a little something different.  I’m going to let Ruby tell her story using her own words.  You can read about her fascinating account below:


I have always loved telling stories, but my struggles with dyslexia made writing a challenge. In fact, I barely passed school. Then one day I got started reading romance novels. It took a long time to finish a whole book. Now I read several a day when possible. Anyway, when I graduated from high school, they handed me a cord to put on my gown and I asked what it was for. Apparently I went from barely passing to being a 3.5 student. I started writing my own stories soon after, but alas, the market was not welcoming.
I fell in love with Stephanie James, AKA Jayne Krentz because her heroes were macho, and her heroines were sassy. Then I discovered Julie Garwood and started reading historical books. Once I discovered Blushing books and Maren Smith and April Hill, I was in heaven. Now I read lots of books, including yours, Jen. So long as I’m reading, I happy.

I am the seventh of eight children, married to the ninth child of ten, and we have four children. That’s enough drama to write a million stories. All of my books have at least one connection to something that’s happened to me or my family.

I just finished writing the last book in my Spirits of River Oaks series. The last book, Haunting Memories comes out in March. Now I am working on the last book in my Katrina’s Aftermath series. It’s about the deaf chef from the restaurant by that name. Ironically he is involved with someone from my Spirits of River Oaks series.
My website is Ruby Caine
My facebook page is The Spirits of River Oaks Series by Ruby Caine@rubycaineauthhor.
My books are available on Amazon and Blushing Books.
I love all my titles, so anyone is fine with me.
My hobbies include reading, reading, writing, and reading. That’s about it, besides raising my crazy family.
I come from a family of writers. My father published a newspaper in our parish (county). My brother has a racing pigeon magazine and published a book about the River Parishes Region. Another brother published a book about Hurricane Katrina, from the view point of a cop. He details a covert mission to rescue stranded nurses from the Superdome, which was the site of unspeakable horrors.
I was a teenage Twinkee (dressed up as a Hostess Twinkee to put myself through college)
I worked at a Stop and Rob (convenience story) to put myself through college.
I had a paper route… cleaned house… tutored… and various other jobs just to put myself through college.


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