Author Questionnaire: Lori Soard

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a writer?

I grew up in a family filled with storytellers. My mom was originally from Appalachia, so when visiting with family, there were always stories. My dad and I would make up stories and study the meaning of words from the time I could talk. When I learned to write, I started to write my own stories. However, I never actually considered that writing would be a way to make a living. It was just something I did that I loved. I always kept a journal. It wasn’t until I was about 20 years old and took my first Journalism class as an elective that I wrote and submitted an article to my local paper as part of an assignment. The paper published it, put it on the front page, and even paid me $25. It was like a light bulb went off for me. I realized I could make money writing. There was no turning back from there.


Who are your favorite authors? (Please limit your answer to five or ten.) Jane Austen is an all-time favorite. I love the way she was able to cut through the surface appearance of society and dig down into the deeper layers of why people act the way they do. I think much of her work still applies today.

I have very eclectic taste in reading and in music. While I adore a good romance, I also love to read Dean Koontz and Stephen King. They are masters at the craft of writing and can draw me right into a story. I also enjoy a good mystery now and then.


What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

Everyday life. I am a big observer of people and their actions and nature. If I grow silent, I am likely eavesdropping on an interesting conversation. I can’t seem to help myself. While I would never retell someone’s story, the overall situation might inspire a new story with a character facing some obstacle that is somewhat similar. I am also inspired by music.


What genre(s) do you write?

Inspirational romance and nonfiction. Within the romance genre, I mainly write contemporaries, but I also have a historical novel and a couple of suspense. I really don’t try to pigeon-hole myself into a category. I write the stories that speak to me.


Do you have any current or future projects?

I am finishing up a non-fiction book about how to save money on groceries, and am working on Change of Heart, the second in the Cupid’s Crossing series.


Do you have an author website?

Yes, it is: Lori Soard


Do you have any blogs?

Probably too many and after a chat with one of my closest friends, author Sally Painter, I have come to the decision that I really needed to consolidate some of that and am in the process of doing so. The ones that will remain include:

Word Museum (this is my first site and is for writers and readers)
Crabby Housewife
Rat Race Mutiny


Where can people find your work?  (to purchase or just to read)

All of my books are available on Amazon, or readers can order autographed copies of most of them through my website now. I also think most libraries have them or can get them via inter-library loan. I never want anyone to miss a book because of money, so I’ve marked all but my latest release down to 99 cents for a download. There are also a couple of free books up on Amazon (The Elixir and a short story “Dancing Lessons”).


If you could just feature one title, what would it be?

Cupid’s Quest

Cupid's Quest.png

Do you have any pseudonyms?

No. I always have written under my own name. I know that they say you should change it if you are writing in a different genre, but my readers seem to follow along and understand the need I have to try different things.

Do you have any other hobbies besides writing?

I love to read. I’ve always been an avid reader my entire life. I also build websites to make ends meet. I just signed up for an online guitar course and am thinking about teaching myself to play the guitar, but time will tell if I have the extra minutes in my day to devote to it.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I adore learning new things. If I could find a way to make a living at being a professional student, I would do that in a heartbeat. There is something so exciting about looking at something in a fresh way and sharing ideas in a classroom. Unfortunately, you have to pay them to take classes and not the other way around, so I do a lot of reading, trying crafty things after watching videos, and taking part in online discussions.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

Life is short. Take every moment to spend with family and friends. Even when it is inconvenient to travel to that Cleveland wedding in January (yes, I did that and am so glad I was able to be there on my cousin’s special day) or you would just rather do something else, go see your family. We have lost many family members lately, and because I had learned this lesson long ago I was able to say that I had those last moments with the person and those precious memories I otherwise would have missed. At the end of the day, what truly matters is who you loved and who loved you.



One thought on “Author Questionnaire: Lori Soard

  1. Philip V Ariel says:

    Hi Jen,
    It’s indeed a great joy to be here today to read a bit more about our friend Lori
    Though I know here for some time now and was a regular reader of here blog pages, I could get a lot more information about this wonderful personality via this interview.
    You very well coined the questions and Lori did wonderful and apt answers to the queries.
    Will surely read other interviews too and will come back to you with my feedback
    Nice to be part of this wonderful and esteemed page.
    Keep sharing


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