Author Interview and Feature: Sara Fitzgerald

I am very pleased to include an author interview and feature with Sara Fitzgerald, whose book, A Miracle for Ann, makes a great holiday gift. Please read more about Sara and her featured title below:


What are your greatest sources of inspiration?
My greatest sources of inspiration come from my real life.

Do you have an author website?

Where can people find your work? (to purchase or just to read)

A Miracle for Ann
My other seven published works are also on Amazon.

If you could feature just one title, what would it be?
A Miracle for Ann

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I wrote A Miracle for Ann because of my daughter. Savanna has autism. When she was first diagnosed, our private insurance did not cover treatment for autism. My husband and I struggled to pay for the expensive treatments she needed. We had many miracles from God to help us along this journey.

I got involved in helping get the “autism” bill passed so private insurances now cover autism. We were blessed to have her attend Pingree as a toddler and now Spectrum Academy.

Savanna is our miracle child. We prayed for her every day for seven years. She has blessed our lives with so much love and joy. I dedicated this story to my husband, Russ, and also to Savanna.

I think some of the best stories are written from the truth you know. Although A Miracle for Ann is fictional, the emotions are real.

Sara Fitzgerald

Reviews for A Miracle for Ann:
“A heart-warming story just in time for Christmas. Sara Fitzgerald writes from personal experience; the emotional is raw, real and relatable.” Amazon Customer

A Miracle for Ann is an intimate peek into a families response to receiving an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. It highlights how this can affect people differently within each extended family system. I was touched deeply by the emotion, love, and dedication of the family for their daughter.” Marie Seoane, LCSW
“This is truly a heartwarming story. I loved how everyone grew as they learned to accept little Ann’s limitations. It definitely showed what wonderful things can be accomplished once you accept, have faith and work together.” K. R. Bailey



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